Manuel A. Torres-Salichs MD,FACS Surgical Oncology, Breast Surgeon

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Breast Care Center of Miami (BCCMiami)

At Breast Care Center of Miami, we practice leading-edge breast care. As surgical oncologists, we are strongly committed to offering you excellent and experienced care in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, including advanced breast surgical techniques. Yet, beyond our commitment to excellence, we are perhaps best known for our dedication to providing patients with unhurried, personalized care in a safe and caring environment. We understand that each diagnosis is unique, and treatment options may vary from patient to patient.

Many of our current patients are referred by other satisfied patients as well as respected physicians, who trust us not only with their patients, but also with their own family members. This says a lot about our quality of care and reputation for results.

When it's time to share your most sensitive health problem with a medical professional, trust the experienced surgeons of Breast Care Center of Miami. We are experienced leading-edge breast care professionals and that is why we are the first choice for so many doctors.

"I am dedicated to my patients and their plan of care and I make sure that they receive the best care possible. I do this by making sure that I remain highly trained and skilled as a leading edge surgical oncologist. I am trained in the latest technologies and procedures available today. I work with the patients to help them understand that quality of life is an important component for a full recovery. I emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy weight as well as the necessity of engaging in a consistent exercise routine. This combined with a healthy diet, I believe, is the key to a full recovery."

Manuel A. Torres- Salichs M.D., FACS
Surgical Oncologist, Breast Surgeon
Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery FIU

"Sometimes when I consider the tremendous consequences from little things...a chance word...a tap on the shoulder or a wink of an eye, I am tempted to think there are no little things."

Emily Dickinson